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By djendo

Posted on Jul 10, 2006 by in Нет!

it seems that new version of b2evolution has some problems with cyrillic encoding and localisation. i can't repoduce on my pc. but i ll try to debug it today. its hard to debug when i can't see the problem. but 3 different people told me about it. so problem exists.

sorry this is the first post i have to write in long of time but i am busy. i can't rest. and i am waiting for vacation i even don't know will there be vacation. bbl

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problem fixed. it was strange blog behavoir. i was watching all the time frontend as logged user with locale set to bulgarian. so i can watch my translation. all default blog etc settings were set to bulgarian (using utf-8 charset).
when i logged out i got all utf-8 text as escaped chars.

solution: i changed in (blogroot)/conf/_locales.php $evo_charset to:

$evo_charset = ‘utf-8′;

and it worked. yes data in MySQL is in utf-8 and i want output in utf-8.

why it works and why was different behavoir. i dont know. but i ll check my 1.6 config file

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